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tv   The Debate  PBS  December 2, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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think it's critical the dough on the path to that plan the silence and i traditionally with the seams and tomorrow night. new meaning woohoo. all welcome to watching lost and just comes so good at coming up is the false been tipped to be the deep divisions in this country over losing the band on sunday shopping. part of the bitter arguments over how to ease up on taxes in france all still feeling the state's coffers. his dispute with the dresses were soon enough we'll be talking about. in the false and yet today the study although in
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the newsroom and say hello once again to their product thank you cards like these are the headlines. at that peace is better than the good ol' ukraine's president reacts to protest is stepping up to campaign for the resignation of the campus i'll do anything to an upright ten spots resign thailand's prime minister has more clashes break out today seizing k gas and rubber boats. french prime minister about to come up with a clear at all. lacking something. ukraine where president any cutbacks has reacted to the unrest sparked by his feet and on closer ties with the eu by calling for any peaceful protests this on to clashes in kiev with independence plan is being taken diapers you can see that by anti government protest is it called for general strike. the prime minister says their actions amount to pick it up. he is not correspond to encounter the crowd on how the government's latest comments are likely to get down with the contestants
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the old ukrainian who don't will very quickly tell you about the piano couldn't do that with the odd in that time in jail but will it be the day. republicans know that you can get into view with that kind of a government that but they did they even people who actually call and find that in the top of a presidential directive that appealed for calm and think i've got to know that very convincing. it immediately. unlike find that led to the mutually but i doubt that it actually considering going into the driveway we need to take it to the tiny not going to get it to you people thinking
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they need to find them oh did that happen. in the care that you have that much of a government of arming and wet that demanded today that the huge debate going on about the walk. but it was thought that i couldn't make it look like a good book it was joking when he took third in the good will. just because a declaration that the pinnacle of doing so let bake the polka dot one of the main altar that to me to believe that eating people will get into any kind of publication the argument that it had bought it. what we need to make sure that the nation. oh. these gang enhancements and says it's the sign that he doesn't seem ready to write about what's going on that was the opposition strategy in diamonds the ukrainian parliament to keep it deep in the opening soon. it demanded
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that the amount of meat not confident that the ottoman if you want them. but you could be in. it's huge. with all up in pay it back right corner you can keep up the goal. he ruled out the pride that. d which is outlined in the day the weather and the number of gems and a general strike and that which is one of the opposition either they don't need all the cool about it no doubt that even if it's needed the main trade union confederation of the pond that is. the king of the trade union confederation
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it gets in the temple mount but it will be. in the coming day. it looked like it. in heaven and the government has authorized the army to take control of trickery in the knowles the six months the decision coming up to three days of sectarian violence and assist iraq on the war in neighboring syria least twelve people in the kilt that since stopped to take some and shanty towns the best of gunfire between two rival districts in the new plant in the city of tripoli. the tyranny that it's one of the case from the other heel. separate each july st. i am getting a good speech gets the majority sunni muslims he backs the study results. he's like mine aristide supporters of president bashar al asad. on saturday sunday gunmen shot him and his brother controls like minister. the incident sparked cost by this time i see the city. children were
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taught in schools which they didn't of course a few benchtops we are receiving a lot of wounded and corpses come on in between the two districts and tiffany. sure beats population is eighteen this and send me an email sent on a likes. tensions between the two factions date back to devon on civil war it had been heightened by the complex across the board and syria. many soldiers had been deployed in the case of ctc is ok that. to respond to the sporadic sniper fire the us human rights she says there's mounting evidence that syrian government officials including president bashar assad himself all the rides crimes against humanity and war crimes penny this monday the bpi said her office has a list of suspected criminals that it'll keep until it's requested by its national own
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natural persons. they should use the massive evidence of the innovate the find the facts based on that emit the top it out to line up didn't belive that the facts point to the commission of a studious cunts war crimes and begins to men. they point to the fact that the evidence the nikkei to sponsor the tee at the highest level of the government in including the head of state to thailand but the prime in the state in action watch has rejected protest as the mines that she stepped down. among states according to the odds on to the government's be replaced with an unelected people's council is precisely that and former opposition politician. so i set out to mom and i do this monday a second arrest warrant was issued for him this time the insurrection. he is too homesick one day. lyrics from the protesters are answered with water jets from police they also used rubber bullets and teargas on
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the anti government demonstrators from being on the streets of bangkok old day and into the night they were noticeably fewer compared to the tens of thousands on sunday to protest the recent episodes have done nothing hurts them and know that in sl. she tiptoed is defined as much as we can today sue with a bit of luck by tomorrow would be nice to job and won by me the phone will fight again and try to get into government released today is going to employment once again. in return the government has increased the pressure on state and the shooting and arrest warrant against the former deputy prime minister for insurrection. a charge punishable by life in prison or even the death penalty what he's proposing is actually two a m to this lost this governments and come up with the songs. this is why it molik and lleyton that time demands food to eat a summons. in the streets on monday prime minister he next to no one said though she could use me protesters
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immediate calls to step to and she was willing to own or whatever the tory majority wanted. i must answer questions cannot meet its announcement of the constitution. i am a size us unwilling to even think to find a solution together the opposition has issued an ultimatum to you go to her and i were to good people play tuesday. a few more of my nice to have. now dominates in the front pages here and fronts today is the debate about working on some days and if the prime minister john ah kit war was handed a specially commissioned report on the estate he says something most of the common day like any of that box admits that's indeed the crates of flexibility to design a gorgeous tiny reports using this sunday we're down to protecting the sanctity of france's wrist pain. that's the french government's position on some the store openings. the original sunday he's not just any day. and we don't want to become one
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we need to make the milk to make it clearer and simpler still it is understood by everyone while most food stores are open on sundays when it comes to retail at certain stores are designated commercial zones get the go ahead. with unemployment stock above ten percent. many argued that expanding sunday work to help the economy employees at this home improvement store have fought for months to work on sundays we continue to spare during the week i decided to get twenty find unison. mawson working on a sunday is a choice for me to be doing the years. i'm happy about that a government commissioned report says greater flexibility and clarity are needed. he recommends reducing the number of allow working some tasty. while confined it also recommends revue in commercial zones are determined to break down shops and stalls easier open on sundays because the famous and the music for stone that department stores next to
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the opera remain closed. and not slacking on sundays here in france is the subject of the debates which starts right now with costs october which is already started here and here on the set many things like their pride. in the newsroom. also tongs has made good on his promise france's president promising to reverse the trend of unemployment before the end of the year last thursday news came and twenty thousand jobless went back to work well that's the good news and bad news is twenty thousand is a drop in the bucket france's unemployment rate still stands at ten point nine percent. and also known as other fires to put out demonstrators from both the left and the right protesting a record level of taxation that truckers and farmers from brittany who don't rate caps to protest and now suspended eco tax this monday. the teams at the zoo with angry horseback riding enthusiasts to slow traffic leading enterprise
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that's right horse back riders in question centers face when you impose rise in sales tax from seven to twenty percent. so as the prices winter of discontent sets in. how do you fill the state's baron coffers. consumer spending is the way argue the big home improvement chains that are lobbying for a loosening of france's strict rules against more on sunday. changing the work and spending habits of the french. no argument to be having a nation that is struggling for solutions today ms husband gets a b is france working on now and with this assortment from brussels. he's a farmer and anti globalization activist and member of the european parliament for the greens jezebel they welcome to the show. i'm here in the studio i can get the new spokesperson for the group ltd both the party of the left which isn't in the streets on sunday. yes the guy is a bigger than the one hundred thousand people for a fiscal
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revolution fiscal road which will get to that moment i know what you mean exactly but will also welcome. um he is the paris based attacks start of ceo. that compares to these tiny clues open for business on sunday. i was saying. when your entry in or you work. but then i wouldn't consider myself an employee the usual ten employees will come about that a is in a moment and to everyone in on a regular contributor to a climate of thought if our business consultants and clark are welcome as well due to the show of the pasta gets me we can always join the conversation on facebook and twitter are hash tag s to forty today. is this monday on there was the unveiling of a report and the government promise is that sent down the line we will see of loosening of the ban on work on sunday. well relative to this moron from kevin on gorgeous stunning easing
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the sunday wore them to protecting the sanctity of france's wrist pain. that's the french government's position on some the store openings. the original sunday he's not just any day. and we don't want to become one we need to make the milk to make it clearer and simpler so it is understood by everyone while most food stores are open on sundays when it comes to retail only certain stores are designated commercial zones get the go ahead. but with unemployment stock about ten percent. many argued that expanding sunday work to help the economy employees at this home improvement store had fought for months to work on sundays we continue the spirit during the week i decided to get twenty fine tuesday mawson working on a sunday is a choice. beating the years. i'm happy about that a government commissioned report says greater flexibility and clarity are needed. he recommends reducing the number of allow working
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some tasty. while confined it also recommends were fuelling commercial zones are determined to break down shops and stalls easier open on sundays because the famous and the music score so in that department stores next to the opera remain closed may you for or against this loosening of the long opening stores on sundays. this is a very old debate in france and of course the wood is the problem now there's some shops which are open the other not. and as a national or a donation to the fact that there's a new debate on this issue i think it's important because some people are working on sunday catch the ball. then the income they receive. but then either side there we see some shops where they had the same income as the other days too when you've completed to produce on the table again but which is
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short and i agree with the minister which was tucking few minutes ago to say that sunday engine option in the war. sunny sunday in general shouldn't be a work day. france's labor minister goes further let's listen to what socialist nations stop by to say. you all someday it's not like any of the day i'm against changing that will be at home against commercializing everything keep them from time to time we should stop counting in sums of money in sums of money spent money on. they could create employment in the know you know the gospel to magically create jokes it is all set. a judge i don't when you hear the minister saying it's not just about money and buy it in this case added it's good that it doesn't kick and create jobs the quiet because france is in the midst of the vow of austerity in there as much in the home of the eurozone and the reason why i economy isn't working is because of that said the policy. home
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improvement centers say that their business goes oh five to eight percent when they're open on sundays but whether that money come from and has let its people are losing money was on the is im using dogs need the money spent on sunday. if you want your wings and on mondays and tuesday then wednesday that cetera. he just can't stand it. it's not you know you are limited so it's not true that globally working on sunday and won six of the lady creates more jobs in this case of the hectic life floor for people especially for women because a lot of girls and women at work in these cases are single mothers they have issues with the kids some with anything from this whole discussion on to me. just a few fuchsia planted one or two but globally. i think the fans are happy with having the small shops open on saturdays and close on sundays the dock of the storm here into arguments and they're talking a little bit of cross purposes on the one hand there's the economic
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argument. many of them is the lifestyle markets. what strikes you when you see the way this debate is going on in france. and well. i think that there is. there's a fundamental question behind post which is the question of liberty. and that's the question of. if the french don't like and nobody forces. and as he was able to think rightly said the dead the fact that this law treats that no one on the home improvement stores in one area different from its competitors just two km don't roll in. can't be right and it can't be right that people tend to lose now individually. who doesn't mean that everything will turn into working on sunday like any of the day it's unlikely that the question of why do we always have to impose this on people that's something i've been in in the labour line general. i can't wait twenty four hours a day. can't wait. over nineteen forty eight
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outweighs it because because there's no such thing as absolute freedom in labor relations. here's your employer you not you not at once. so how did the whole of human freedom the image in this dizzying but between work forcing people to work forty eight hours sort of slavery and having people if they wish to list these people on the and in the interview said. if they decide they want to work on sunday because they can make a higher wage. they will not work more hours during the week. how can you say no to your employer when you have five million people on unemployed when you when there's pressure on wages when humans are high when you can't meet you know you and your hands we know that is not to see it. to put on everyone at the same level and work incentives are many people who choose to repent in the eye thing works. irony can be certain that we are both deaf and the rights will come together to defend ten days. the first one because they don't want people to work every day a week in
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the second ones because they think that sunday's their party day. the new june. you should not work on that day with your stupid to go to church. but back to the good to get there saying that you should not work on sunday and things that are different question in their different issue to know. if we missed out. every employee messed up at least one day off in the weeks and with their dues in the steamers be sending it's up i heard their new sets of coughing that it's not about every teacher not be about money benefits. i'm sorry but it's it's very irony because of course it's about money. of course is that companies want to make more money is working on sundays. of course it's about in the entries. who in their own charities one work on sundays the one works on sundays they wanted to. and of course that about me it's about money for the consumers of goal and when and in shop on sundays because they cannot go on other days. so i've re re roof are worth
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the ticket office raised its bid city. it's a new show fear and wet and economic freedom. we use them or chocolate invite you to guide you with a man whom he wrote a report to the prime minister. nsa his shots hitting the open house now he thinks something is that we had easter dinner and so we should have been another one which is so very many companies but another one maybe the solution should be that we should negotiate in every company in which the negation of research that we will not we do not have time to have to open the singer or fall on defense companies such as the movie there's this this here in france that done you are attracted to the deal mention it just now. this fear that said this is the slippery slope and which show afterwards. i will work the round the clock year this same as in other places we've just seen. and that france could become a little bit too much like will just head over the united states black friday one of our christmas
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shopping season starts in the store is open all the time. did you fear is though perhaps front of you a bit less french if you let the stores open. while. i think the prawn is not france or another country that brought in to see how you protect the workers. and i think this is the most important question. of course i believe that this is not only a fringe question answer your question and we have to have it now. rio to work to harmonize at the open meadow what are the social rights of the people. the fact that the some companies are struggling hard to open shops on sunday could be dangerous for the get go because collar worker can be a bow in his shop to say i refuse to work on sunday. this is also the problem and we see very often now. in some kind of shop in supermarkets. workers who want to say i don't want
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to work and said that because no one to stay with my family has a lot of pressure so i think we need as the station to say colonies and a skate shop in the opener but also how can we protect the workers who say knife that many wants me on sunday and i want to be with him and his acting is very least you can do. you mentioned europe than it does the whole wide range of when it comes to europe some viewers. who are watching this to be from other parts the world may be rolling their eyes about the feckless french the point of fact most of europe defense the sanctity of the sunday germany sundays and holidays the rest except for emergency services situations of italy he ate some busy year. um united kingdom. well they've had the sunday trading at its nineteen ninety four they see the map. showing up places where sunday work is restrictive and that basically you can see there is the core of western europe when you see though the going tough the fine
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print of all ages ago but you see that each country has its own legislation you're saying is that. it should be. there should be one rule for all of europe. i say that we have a big problem in europe and this is when only one point on this also writes of the workers. as you would say and that's true. we don't have a european nation acting this is quite dangerous because we have dumping from country to another on other subjects are at such a level we have is that pink so i think it's important that we begin to be is now clearly irked social rights for the workers at all the men at the open them up and i'm sure that if we ask you to all the countries which are then used the issue on this case to most of the country as you were saying we don't want to work on saturday so this is nowhere to resist against what the big companies want that means that they want to
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open every day because they want to make monday and they want to be business people are not going to eat twice and did a beacon that open or not to wait some time to have to be careful with that while the west wants the companies and i think this is a way also for the people to say we refuse and we our right to refuse. and this could be illegal in the company doesn't have to make fresh and on the workers didn't need an ally at how i want to state and the reason why you still have people that are fallen king to an onsen days is because if you look at female workforce for instance in france fifty percent of the workforce times less than one thousand five hundred euros per month that's fifty percent of women in france and the other hand if you look at a very very very very tiny apartment in paris as costing one month of minimum wage. alright so kuku have between eighty and not to go get the money of course if the information but people i'm meeting in a situation
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where what they did just that happens things out what's the harm right. the wages of labor wages. okay people little a little more. we are pro we're suggesting that the minimum wage be risen to one thousand seven hundred euros a month. that was up at the present during the presidential campaign to end the aussie and there's so many people volunteering to again sunday the women who are you to decide whether we should work. eight sundays off five or twelve years and i needed a sign that the one thousand five hundred month my nanny and death in a note saying that i'm angry with me that we should write the weekend. it's not an issue and as you know if we're honest is mainly a one percent the destroyer by twenty thousand jobs in france it's not clear on the rv on the economic studies that even to enter an economist in rio. no it's
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simply not true because if you have people earning less than they can buy stuffs even the necessity of this the one survey by the french cgt union. sixty percent of people under twenty five s word that most employers say they'd like to work on sundays however. the same survey found sixty eight percent of people with the job didn't work the win i think. and the common though i was going to make. is the question to me is whether the problem of working on sunday are not working on sundays. is really the issue that hand. and that since it seems to mean that we get very very excited about something that certainly has some impact and it symbolizes something for debates. but the real issue. come on it somewhere else. is that we have no growth. is that we need a minimum of one point five percent growth to start to create jobs. we are nowhere there is that that the un and that the social charges structurally are
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extremely high that we have one point nine million young people who have no training and are being it's impossible for them to join labor market that's that's where we have that's where we have the car and the real issues perhaps to explain why this is such a big deal this whole debate about sundays in secular france a feast comes from columnist howard davis in the financial times he describes a mix of trade union inspired restrictions and with the french call a meeting friday of regulations ankle socks in snow as the napoleon. this puff pastry treat. in french is called the new faith a thousand layers. when you talk about red tape the french speak of an administrative need a flurry of rules and regulations. he writes in his piece. it is this complexity that is catapulted the dispute about which to do it yourself stores in the paris suburbs can open on sunday and a national issue with emergency cabinet meetings held to find
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a way through. very quickly before we go to the bridges evil that way if there's an eu role that just add another layer to that pastry. well you know i think that. what if we want to be sure that they're in the desert fair competition in a different economy we need fewer loans and i've been to with his new album isn't complete yet to europe in the film is to have social rules very clear and we stop and not the problem can do this i think why we need that on this social issue that the european union takes now good decisions to protect the workers of awe in europe and the kids that we see that there's a lot of difference between the walls of each country and their workers are always in a losers in this situation that's why it's very important that we have a very strong social easy solution
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add to your and you're in love even if it for the moment their countries refuse this and because this is part of the decision of the country's be of most of their countries and most of the labour run countries refuse that we have debates with the economy and jobs to cheap and very open to mention we have to go to good to cut out for a quick break we'll pick up on this stay with us you're watching the falls and gets a bit. i was. oh. i was. the two
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foreigners and salsa get a sample of the stories laura cba will be falling for you at the top of the hour ukraine's president says that peace is better than it could of war. this as protesters keep up the pressure in kiev those are live images of those protests the biggest since the two thousand four orange revolution. i'll do anything to end the protests except for is on the words of thailand's prime minister more clashes of breaking out in bangkok this monday. and david cameron calls for an eu china trade deal. based on a visit to beijing. the company of an armada of uk business leaders. welcome back row which are just joining us this is the false been tested to date so we're looking at
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the france began asking if it's working and not from part one of our discussion with us. from the european parliament's for the greens shows in bold is with us againtudio i can get the doe spokesperson for the typical party of the left. business consultant and blogger ate one going on and to contribute to do it to lie naked on a park and yakubu has a tiny clues. vermont is the tiny quizzes again enclosed is a big update the software firm. so we develop mathematical algorithms and he offered them talk let's pretend it was. we are ten people. let me now while we were staying at the top of the show the french president making good on his promise to reverse the trends on unemployment before the end of the year. still in double digits ten point nine percent but still. the mother of all totals for children is none other than two thousand seven the socialist presidential candidates even land was
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the guest of our sunday politics showing frontiers which she said. don't earn reasonable to say that he wanted to pet lover he is perfectly aware of the situation he knows that a reduction in unemployment over one month does not mean reversing the unemployment her etsy. in. the did i do it the you heard what the this missive ny accent said they're saying is that that the trend is now being bumped up the new member ed the president said. and last september. a year ago that he would change out of the curve and as the new year. and now he's changing that position saying that changing trends in employment or in claiming that has taken the time there with the fact of the money it is that he cannot create more jobs in the current situation at a friend's friends because austerity plans. is it the school only on our economy into deep depression
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and it seems on the eurozone is stuck in the same sort of a city plans there it is simply are no claims for anything. so even though her son the one hand and no one's inventing a new staff no one's been doing solutions for the real for their current problems existing come to insist on ecological matters we have to organize the transition out of our production in friends in europe in the world who lose weight and that would let money and he's in france the government isn't doing anything so it is depressing in impressing depressing losing jobs. this is going now and that's one of the reasons land is very very high opposed to the government. in the past i think. i think b is probably not true and that there is no people trying to intervene. i would say we try in friends and i think. we do roll into a fairly good job matt and i were very small and of history. there should be and it could mean many
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more. the knots that the problem with the unemployment bill in my view is not the fact whether you have. more startups and does the fact that the transformation from accepting or not accepting that complete industrial demise. to see me yes me want to re industrialized friends and that's where all the jobs are being lost it's an industry and it's where the competitiveness off the export sector and often the manufacturing sector in france is at stake. that's where the real the real issue and and that's an issue and it's a complex issue because it's linked to training it's going to the ability of companies to have the right offerings. is that how can you compete. it's the question off the middle of this dirty from the twenty six percent of the small says the charges twenty six percent of payroll taxes versus sixteen in germany and a and twenty in the uk. now what ever salary to pay if you want to increase an
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increase in salary you add that on top so. that's just the fact the number of hours work totally pre here in france are much lower. even though french when they are not employed for a lot so there's that it's just a complicated and click situation that's where i think i'm in a comment on these days it's as simple as the french. just have too many taxes to pay. that's just not that simple is best done with the state and now we have each tuesday on us and he stayed there the rain he sure is the and from france is the new turn in their coffers site. it's a nice chunky man because in france and tired that we do not have to stare at it there with us their inquiries there were stamping party only wears her us tour in spain with that. just a tax audit standings. he has not happened in france the union in this manner year in tax and friends to ten million of expanding on his route has been driving listening to seventy eight also assume
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and he said. i think it's them. it's reading about it so it will be about three to seven person that he did he's here. anyways the last team to knock off that i announce our massive massive cuts in spending and is neatly wrapped and in the room and didn't end there is no roasted and its gdp not turning them into the messiah at the side of the state with the new economy is growing and that's when we went. and i were to the effect of extending western where's the money went to print ad in france that was the case. i'm currently at the end when the times because we put less money into service ads and we weave. we pray only to the debt. we were not investing in anything smart or what not that we were putting pressure on wages and it's always the i mean like what you're saying is that. i mean how could that get them
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to defect to focus on equilibrium. pink and of the states. we can get a legit site. how is that painting creating jobs and housing. in doing that since he was elected. and it's not as effective to use not the only issue because you have many other things to change but where were you are right beneath it that the issue and the christian is where is this money spending and being spend because today the government is speaking about the great sister revolution also because there you are so begins the right if it's a revolution but that's not to each and every issue is how we spent didn't have the money today and everybody agreed that we can guess who can cut costs and we can make economies on disparate spending the day that there had been plans announced a further cut defense spending quite sizeable debt. of course there are other on and there are doubts about it it's really not identical with the detentions friends is facing today. there was
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never without one the reaction to a wooden one of our viewers saying france to get out of this economic mess. in a hurry with sensible spending and tax cuts and this morning on breakfast radio. the finance minister announced fifteen billion in cuts to fifteen billion. drop in the pocket when you see the needs in terms of soap mopping up all the reading in this country or resigns very rich country we have a day at high a come down and unite both. in the day the gdp staring at the hands and the fact of the matter is that we are getting money cheap money on the markets when we need money so that isn't to find land have been the issue is the worst pain for about the subprime crisis in the whole situation that was left after that and the money that was last in the financial sector were still paying for the fact that there was that the crisis in the financial center that was transferred to the sector and in this
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ordinary people and use the phone that can be on his taxes that they can tax is a dt for instance are paying back directly to the financial sector that's totally use this in hopes that the un estimates that spending. not that is not the limelight and have been made cutting spending fifty one to the financial sector when it went on to today were so cheap. or is so cheap been serving and shouldn't be such a problem the fact that france can borrow and relatively low cost us to do with the fact that it is part of the eurozone and the reason that the eurozone has comparatively low interest rates is due to the fact that it is assumed all right or wrong that the countries within the eurozone respect certain rules of fiscal sanity but then they could use in the eurozone are having very high very high rates. i on the market. i'm not as important as friends and that
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the eurozone. because france is in the country and its maintenance and so friends if it decides the problem with france in in my view is that there's a there's a people are mixing up the fact that there is. they need to reduce the part of spending as part of gdp with. but the end of the master's office parody and growth. i think what france needs is yes it needs to stimulate growth and the state needs to invest in areas that are important for innovation technology and friends dogs but now i can in order to finance that it needs to reduce its spending and spending means also sent spends thirty billion on our own training and professional training every year. has anyone ever look at who gets these thirty million billion when they did the same in germany now i'm german maybe i'm biased but what if god is that most of that money was given to those who need it
7:43 pm
nice full colonel in the morning. one look at unemployment benefits. how can it be that when you are when you make a lot of money and i'm not talking about people who have to sneak them who were being fired from her in all a factory somewhere where it is easy. i'm talking about all the people around in paris who make very nice time if they get up to seven thousand euros was designed at the end i didn't think it was less than why do you pay money i the attack that left hazel. i am talking with a mind taking a wait the system. the system is skewered in that dolan who needed east. get most out of the system and back not comment. for me and to see me in your eyes have been given to a tax cut to the french business is on the premise is
7:44 pm
that anybody that an international competition when and to me that is totally bs because percent of the national gdp does not come from international competition. he is not in a dinner right in the same issued a statement. you know when the going gets the cheese nipping people who do not need it. if this ride with the ideology that weekend that even with that workers all big businesses can come and ask money for the state in the state give and you are in the same. he knows that the yuan saying that. that may be some kinda nice to be absent that some orchestra me of it's it's not how it is working today. this is actually not working as a couple of times on its uppers all we have a comment from a viewer up and colleges says the french economy shrinks called german stays strong inequality the economic recovery. rose between european countries and of course always the comparisons there. i made with germany in
7:45 pm
a pickup on that to you both for all three jamaican his point about those who get money for training and stuff are necessarily those who needed the most up this monday. um we're hearing loudest from what they're calling the podium and they've been doing go slow operations around paris truckers marching alongside ag sector workers in brittany the latest march the red caps have been eaten. bowral button. today it has general discontent. if you want to read first the unemployment he did have fun as you can create jobs. it's that they're ready. today it's because of these rules people are reluctant. what do you want to employ anyone for good. but he still loves her what she missed us in ecuador and a good acts and f a a b c is a massive stroke the ticket tax to the contras side is rolling over and will throw his
7:46 pm
newest cd but it was good it's interesting because the people there who are marching in brittany. on this been criticism of saying that they represent the farm lobby which is not so badly off. i sat with asking for concrete week is for france since the last destroying an environmental law is intended to make donations. one example in the pig industry had asked for a regulation that can't be before you use to be used in you and you would be able to open up an enterprise before monday without control and they wanted to protect two thousand ad pages with with no clinch all that sort of regulation but the problem they had actually is and there in international competition there standing at the animals to germany to be killed and with four thousand km of distance bike track and that's i'm not and respectful of the environment. it's destroying jobs because it's putting competition. between
7:47 pm
all the workers and you know there's only so low that you can. i mean how can we go when they knew and when you are traveling to europe. no one to get the book you the red caps the one that got me quite a lot of support has been a lot of media attention yet the minute i guess to happen on a server because first it's a good me your passion you know that the red cap and b that the media dubbed the pits and unknown and it is these days the night. that's what easter is that people are today off at with texas it's true that the key gauche is true of the window sheets threw up many people in france who have the feeling that they'll always be more and more text than that and they don't see why. and when there are a fair and didn't see out there were huge and it is their use in a good week and after seeing today that it's not the case. you know in france there is about. thorne forty seven percent of the french this is just a person of the different than what they had the income tax. and among
7:48 pm
them the epoch or acquired them twenty five percent pay eighteen percent of the income tax these people they are beyond reach there about two snakes so to mean humans thousand and one of the month. that is not being rich but they pay for eighty percent of income tax in france. so you have a few number of people who have the thing they are paying more in taxes on that site so when and as the government is not getting spit and canning spending and spending. she has eds to increase the interest exit that but he's been doing for urine and often invest in weakness. he was doing before. so the people in front of the thing that they've been paying more and more for years and they do not see any reason tonight read them their right to reside there and the moon is high and in the group to go. i agree with you but there's a problem with the rates we all have five eighth inside that can be fair if they cannot be stated that he had twenty percent up at all mixed together whatever their wages
7:49 pm
we should have a progressive rate income tax. most of operating expenditure should be coming from the team income tax and not from different accept it as in you who don't have to do things between tax and our pool in french we do our taxes something that you'd is a measure that you take money from someone then you pretty you know it's going to end our pool which is it which is another word in french means that it's in income tax basically endured. thanks for the budget and then the national assembly decides way to go with going so you can feel you cannot tell me you know kind of high end and do important things and you have our own small part of france and vijay that is on the income tax. it says ali is lauren lauren loner and therefore the rates it can occur in a pink compact highest level is lower today than it was with that. right now i'm in this day and it is always going to lay low and i
7:50 pm
and the effect of the kids we have an unfair fiscal system so people do not want to pay more tax in new bern on friday's closing closing tax loopholes obviously in this talk about attacks perform france's budget minister under the previous government of the new cadets are busy as of preferred to the option that second one i guess was taught not a moment ago. belt tightening. instead of tax before talking to the truth is we must talk about expenditure. those are in income to finance its services and social welfare so the first define the parameters of the state senate to ensure that it died so this is of course all about politics because you have a government. one was saying his committing political suicide attacks in too much middle classes but if you cut spending and you've been elected as a left wing government. it's not also focus on site so fearful sotong with mature drivers would you pick. i think. i'm not so sure whether the problem is with this the left or right government
7:51 pm
unfortunately it. when you look at what they do it today it's pretty much the same day from going all along look after you know you know maybe we can ask was he was adamant about some reforms very quickly he became like another and i never did anything. i think that's the real problem the problem in france is that this is a professional case of politicians has been debating back and forth and are moving a little more to this and then yes. every win the right comes the power and they will put in some more tax advantages for some of their little friends. then comes the lead. so in their mainstream left so their little friends get their little advantage in the end we don't get the change that we need which isn't much more fundamental change and that inability which is if i wear false when all i would really worry about but that's not a party political issue it's a sin is the issue and that's why i think it's interesting to look at the end of the song more citizen movements of you know what to pack. for example was just
7:52 pm
created and at night very much like when he's had enough calls it comes to leaky she knew all the friends isn't over gifted child that ignores itself and i think part of what needs to be done is to re discover the string is to re discover where are where the government can invest is that once the investment it needs to cut down on spending to free the money to invest in those dishes that are important but then it needs to be the ones that are really important not just another here is your friend here is a pressure group that sucker up and when you draw on the german experience of a decade ago which is now being reviewed to where there was this major. look at everything including labor relations and. as a result we've seen of good things and bad things right now this can depend on sms me swinging back the other way in germany after the latest agreement between the christian democrats and sen the center left. and while i'm not sure whether that's a question but my question is is is it we
7:53 pm
look at that the german example ten years on. reduce the overall it's been positive in this book that should aspire to. i think. i think that in germany was positive. i'm not sure when that something that france can aspire to. because the countries are different and mdm they are always the side effects such as a domed of the wage disparity in germany between the export oriented manufacturing sector where the wages are extremely high there more than the average our costs in the car manufacturing industry is more like forty five euros an hour but that's fine everyone is happy to paint. whereas in the service sector is much much lower but well it that has led to a growth in service sector jobs that where you can stay well. they are and that's what now in this part of this bargain of this crime commission this with eu raised in those and how were you raised without destroying too many jobs. how would you raise. otis the sector
7:54 pm
overall i think it. it was a success though. yes they are one and on they say that the course that could be added to come up a lot since two thousand in the financial crisis is that if christ is a terrible thing to waste the french wasted their crisis. well they're french as the as yet to come save the french government from both three reacting right to happen. devon did nothing for four years and this thing is if you look at. officer or purse today we had the help of a year before when the work and sundays. i'm sure can refer to re recruit reading the ads to being empty of the abyss of the century and may mean. in years two thousand and also he had to hop off the wall there will come soon and they were seeing exactly what every experts are saying today tonight we have to open debate we have to open french businesses to to do where are we have to check into cash spending as if things we've known for years. bet. then
7:55 pm
that we have them and the government adding that both left and right battles stick and stones are statistic in the stand taken by that i did different interest groups and who are not about to change but i think you know we we should leave but listen to you it sounds as though fronts will never change. i let it sink in i think that the shoes why people are also afraid of changing and why are people always you know i'm not lying to people think that taxing the rage at seventy five percent good thing only do they think that you should increase taxes not on other people. it's because offences ladies present. so we have a state that has been distributing the beaver and events in either two workers are the businesses. and since attending any of that the end of their last century the state has been in crisis he didn't have anymore need to spend. so everybody is fighting to get this piece of
7:56 pm
the many days left. so in that general fights everybody wants the bit of a fall morning but doesn't want to do was speak to resist my soap. everybody is in favor of their centers go because they'refraid of what is going to change afoot is gonna happen is going to happen and they're right because if you look it's not scored for his uncle. which is i think there are a decor of the french province today if you're fat. if when you're six. be sure for others and encourage us. i think. seven times more marie risks too. to be late in the school that if you're five five there is a teacher that means that we have the society has organized by different m homes and eu cannot climb the social attitude in france. if your parents hope for you were stupid or if your friends to reach your stay rich. so when you cry you don't know who's in money or not because you know is gonna happen when you read it on the change because
7:57 pm
you think your kid is going to become more and staple very quickly as well most of them had their identity be changing in france because france is in to save seventeen hundred eighty eight i have your party said that the rally on sunday exactly that the event that was anyone about taxes was about to write today to decide on whether being taxed is legitimate or not. article fourteen of that of the declaration of human rights and say states that i've seen it then i have to teach it to tear down and see by myself the need for taxes and an enhanced to abby and we'll have to agree with the fact that they didn't have a point even today on taxes or perhaps more is just beginning i don't think you can take down a dark or think you know one another. i was a good outcome. hasler. thank you for being with us here in austin today. the more blue
7:58 pm
moon too. i call. d. it is
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do you. i knew. zune the monarchs the next book the book and not the assembly the federal mortal woman finds to get off the terror watch list. why was she on it in the first place i was in effect they have more on that just ahead. and another spy development of the nsa surveillance case a foreign leader of this theory looks like our neighbors to the north pole the sky and the state during two thousand and eighty eight n g twenty summit in canada for an expansion of international surveillance coming up. in orange county police officers are on trial over


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